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Sunday, July 29, 2012

flymo part deux

On Friday we watched the opening ceremony of the Games of London celebrating the 30th Olympiad. The Queen looked rather grumpy but maybe she hurt her hip when she hit the ground after parachuting. Maybe it was just past her bedtime. Anyway, the show was spectacular and we watched it all the way - until 2:00am Saturday morning. I got all teary-eyed when the South African team paraded past. Human after all. Maybe it was just past my bedtime.

Waiting for our team’s appearance in the athlete’s parade was rather boring but it gave us time to discuss some important things while catching a glimpse of a hot athlete now and then. So, Flymo’s papers were more or less sorted and we decided we’d do a trial run to work early this morning when there was hardly any traffic. We’d have done it yesterday, only it was my Saturday to work.

Finally, the day arrived and at exactly 7:30 this morning we drove off – I flew Flymo and The One followed me in the Nissan. On the way we had to stop at a garage to fill the scooter for the very first time. It cost R43.37 ($5.22) to fill the puny tank – 4.088l at R10.61 a litre. Impressive - I'm supposed to be able to drive 200km (124 miles) with that! I'm doing my bit for the environment, are you?

Anyway, the ride was scary but exhilarating and the 8km (5 miles) took all of 10 minutes. I lost The One somewhere along the way but we’d discussed meeting again at work to have a fag and take a photo. We missed each other and he drove back home after he couldn't find me, but I still snapped a pic before going home myself.

All in all it was an extremely successful morning and very good practise for us both. My cornering still sucks but at least I manage not to shake anymore; still, if you consider the speed at which I take corners I think people just assume I'm geriatric. To perfect it I shall have to learn again to visualise the line I will drive along, to lean into the corner more, to look far ahead, to throttle at the right moment and to never brake in a corner.

After returning I felt so confident that I can crack it that I plan on mounting my iron horse tomorrow and pointing it in work’s direction. Flymo has 46.5km on the clock and he's rarin' to go.

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