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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

flymo part trois

I composed this music a few days ago thinking I’d break away from my usual gloomy use of minor keys; I decided on good old plain C major. The result was something fresh, happy and resembles an anthem – according to my brother. My mood was exceptionally good while composing this piece, which took about 5 days. I decided to dedicate it to my Love and swift Flymo as it captures his excitement about riding to work and back. I wish them safe travels always. Always come home safely.

Or, if you don't have Flash, download the file here.

I get to use our dear Nissan during the day for grozar shopping and errands. I am slowly gaining more confidence in my much neglected driving skills. I enjoyed our morning practice-run to work and back on Sunday as there was very little traffic. Are there any other nervous drivers out there?

Enjoy the music. It’s to the point just like Flymo.

Written by The One