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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


After long deliberation and oodles of sums we came to the conclusion last week that we'd save about half of our monthly transportation costs if we purchased a something a little less thirsty than the trusty Nissan. Then, a few days later I happened to catch an ad on the radio about a certain scooter merchant and promptly logged on to their website that very evening.

To make a long story short we were approved for finance and at 7:00am this morning we signed the final papers. Flymo, as the new arrival was duly named, arrived on our doorstep around 17:00 this afternoon. Unfortunately the registration will only be done tomorrow so, for now, Flymo is not licensed for road use.

From sheer excitement I decided to take a road trip, license or no. Luckily I used to drive a small motorcycle way back in high school and know a little about driving one. Even so I found cornering very daunting and ended up speeding over someone's front lawn before starting to feel a little familiar with the controls again.

I'm very glad Flymo's automatic because I think mastering changing gears by foot while operating the clutch by hand would have taken me a long time to get used to once more.

Feeling confident I shakily turned into a main road and sped off. Then I scared some people by mistakenly pressing the hooter button instead of the indicator. Still, I have a feeling I'll get used to it all again soon so that I can use Flymo for my 8km (5 mile) commute to work in the morning, the way it was intended.

Driving along with the wind blowing gently through my helmet felt really wonderful and I welcome Flymo to a long and productive life in our little clan.

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