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Sunday, July 01, 2012


The One received a new braai for his birthday, which is on the 7th, from his twin brother and hubby when we visited them on Friday evening. They're on their diplomatic way to Hel-freezing-sinki so we also inherited  mounds of handy housewares.

We just had to celebrate the braai properly, especially since the enormity was accompanied by steak and wors. The One suggested I take this photo with the busted old one to show the magnitude of the upgrade. I am glad to inform you that a good time was had by all.

Anna, unfortunately, forgot herself completely and would not stop barking at the slightest move. We were forced to leave her inside.

Some just can't handle a good party.


This morning I let the cats out of the bedroom window for a change. Their contracts say fresh air once a month so I am trying to stick to the rules. The window opens on the veggie-garden-to-be and they really enjoyed the outdoors, the mild winter sun. Spot the third cat in this photo? If not, look for the red outlined object on the extreme left hand side of the second photo.

Mary, surprised by the rare treat of being allowed outdoors first rolled in a sandy patch before playfully biting Vicky in the tail.

Lizz disinterestedly observed their antics, choosing to blend into the surroundings instead. Here is a clearer photo of HRM. 

At the moment the only vegetable in the garden is one of the pumpkins we planted in April. Despite the cold it's doing well, sprouting little curly tentacles all over.


The best thing about our lives at the moment is that for the first time in a very long period, at the beginning of this month we seem to have finally managed to progress from deep red to a slightly lighter shade of red by simply gritting our teeth and doing without. If you catch my drift.

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