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Sunday, July 08, 2012


This was a really, really messed up week. The boss was away on holiday and all week my capacities were stretched to their max. I feel like I’m recovering from a weeklong heart attack. Tomorrow I will have to account for all my actions and I don’t look forward to that in the very least.

Yesterday was The One’s birthday but I had to work from 9:00 to 13:00. We only had the chance to celebrate once I got home. To kick off the festivities we dug up all the most obvious weeds along the driveway. After that we recovered a month’s worth of used Rottweiler puppy food from the lawn.

After recovering for a while I made dinner using our recently inherited electric wok, a wonder to behold. I hewed some cash from our minute savings in order to buy proper frozen prawns for the stir-fry I’d planned for a birthday dinner. They turned out to be shrimps which all but disappeared as they cooked. Anyway, it was still good and we had a good time.

This morning we got up at 7:40 so that I could go get some stuff for the visitors (Mother, Ilze and Cas) that we were expecting around noon. You didn’t think we spent an afternoon picking up dog poop for no reason, did you? The One cleaned the kitchen while I drove off in search of plastic chairs and whatnot. There were no reasonably priced chairs to be had so I only bought a new voile curtain to replace the one in the spare room that cats have been meticulously ripping to shreds.

On the way home I stopped at the grocer to get buns and beer in case someone felt like it. I am afraid I bought too much of both, but neither the beer nor the buns will go to waste. At that hour, unfortunately, the liquor store was closed. Apparently respectable people don’t drink in the morning.

I went home and helped The One to clean the house as best we could, given the time restraint. Then I went back to the store to get said beer. After a quick bath with The One I texted Ilze to bring along chairs and plates. Vicky’s wrecked a darned heap of crockery since she joined our clan. 

The company was wonderful and everyone loved Anna who was locked safely outdoors. Ilze brought a lovely home-cooked meal which was followed by a delicious apple pie Mother baked. I’m having the leftover pie and beer as I write. Superb.

For his birthday, The One was presented with a brand new coffee maker. Ours was rendered useless when Vicky broke the glass pot one night.


With the shy winter sun streaming brightly into the living-room all of us finally had the chance to forget about our hectic lives and just relax.

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