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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the curse

A few days ago I made the mistake of consulting my horoscope in the You. Among all the usual vague drivel one sentence stood out: apparently I was supposed to expect some form of “upheaval” from the 9th (Monday) to the 11th, which was today. As mentioned in the previous post Monday also happened to be the day when the bosses returned from a weeklong holiday.

Now I can honestly say I tried my best to keep their business running smoothly and I would have given myself 87% for effort and creativity. Another week of that would have run me into the ground.

As expected, they were both there early on Monday - bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and eager to inspect the damage. After a day of explanations and cross-examinations – 10 nerve-racking hours of it – I left around 18:10, completely drained. I left them there to find as much fault as made their bums hum and as sure as you-know-what I had a phone call to query a payment as I was driving home. 

True to form there were notes all over my desk the next morning when I opened the shop. Angry little scribbled questions only the devil knows the answers to. Anyway, the day was better since only the usual boss was there, almost halving the amount of trouble I found myself in. Nevertheless I found myself rather soiled at the end of the day from all the times I was shat upon. I estimate that they scored my performance in their absence at about 13%.

Still I was not at end of the curse I found myself under. At 9:00 this morning I had to go see a client in Montana before going to work and it was arranged the boss would manage the opening of the shop herself. The closer I got to work after a successful meeting with the client, the more paranoid I felt. Then the air grew stale when I drove in the parking lot at 10:00 and I knew there was excrement in the air.

After reporting about the meeting to a rather foreboding boss, she took over and I was informed that everyone had been bitched at already and that, unfortunately, I was in the firing line as well. Then I was hit with a barrage of reprimands and warnings about things that had been wrong with the morning’s proceedings. Most of the staff had strolled in late on top of it all, even though they knew she was going to be there.

I’ll spare you the boring details but it really was an awful experience and she was very irate. I even had to write a namby-pamby letter to a supplier to apologise for ordering paper and then cancelling the order. Whatever.

Anyway, that’s my side of the story. I hope this bally curse has been broken now, what. 

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website said...

It's reversible. Do the usual things you do.

Zach de beer said...

I hope it's over... Tomorrow is Friday the 13th...