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Sunday, August 12, 2012

a successful weekend

With National Women’s Day celebrated in South Africa on Thursday (the 9th of August), the Boss decided that we could all take leave on Friday which gave us a neat long weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So many unsettled red tape issues have accumulated since we got married and bought the house that we were extremely glad that we’d finally have an entire day to sort them on Friday.

On the public holiday we both stayed in bed for as long as possible to try and get over this goddamned unremitting ‘flu. We find that the viruses don’t like ethanol because we feel better after consuming some – the more, the better. Also, try Benylin 4Flu which seems to work better than most.

Our agenda on Friday included renewing vehicle licenses, paying traffic fines, changing banks and consulting an official at the Municipality. We started with the licenses but after having overslept we only arrived at Waltloo after 10:00am. To our dismay we discovered that the rest of Pretoria had come up with the exact same plan and the queues stretched longer than my Amazon wish list. We dejectedly turned around to go face the banks instead.

First National Bank had some lame story about unprocessed transactions so they refused to close The One’s unused account right away – he’ll have to go back later in the week. Anyway, since we’re moving everything over to Nedbank we were very impressed when a friendly bank lady assisted us and gave The One full control over what-used-to-be-my-bank-account with no problems. He even got a flashy card which he could use on the spot.

That sorted, we steeled ourselves and decided to face the license-hungry crowds again. Since Waltloo had proven to be such a swarm we drove to Station Square in the North as an alternative.  After three hours of breathing hot air-conditioned germs, biting our lips and putting up with unprofessional service we finally managed to renew the licenses and also to pay my traffic fine (for not having licensed the car). When we drove off we were all legal and it felt good.

The next stop was the Municipal Finance Building right in the middle of town. Luck was on our side and we found an unattended parking spot within meters of our target. The transaction took very little time and effort and we were rather surprised but very thankful for a friendly and efficient official.

On Saturday our list included a visit to Mother as well as having poor Geoffrey shaved. He was so dirty and matted that they had to give him a summer cut but we bought him a little jacket so he is quite happy.

It is sad that today is the final day of the long weekend, but we had no time to weep since I had booked an early appointment at Torga Optical in Colonnade for an eye test and spectacles. These soft lenses, comfy and luxurious though they are, just aren’t working for me. They’re too expensive so I end up wearing them way past their due date, damaging my eyes in the process. Glasses are just the thing but at R670.00 ($82.98) we had to spend the last of our meagre savings. Even so, if I am to believe the red-hot assistant that helped me, in a week I’ll have 20:20 vision again... provided I wear my four eyes.

On the way home we got a cheap plastic rake at Builder’s to make it easier for The One to harvest the dried dog poop from the lawn every week. We also bought hooves for Anna to chew. It keeps her from destroying the other pets and the furniture.


All in all it has proven to be an incredibly productive weekend.

The reel of red tape has not run out, however. The next challenge facing me is to apply and successfully pass my learner’s license again – for Flymo this time. Absolutely no merit is given for the fact that I’ve had my driver’s license for a motor vehicle since bloody 1992.

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