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Sunday, August 05, 2012


This is my second attempt at writing this goddamned post. The previous version was eaten by The One's laptop and is nowhere to be found. There I was, serenely typing away at the laptop in bed, describing how I'd contracted a very virulent strain of influenza and it was quite funny and droll before the computer lost it. I can't remember all of it so you'll just have to trust me.

Continuing, then, on my loyal BlackBerry:

It started on Thursday with an almost imperceptible cold and a modest little cough. Maybe I'd caught it from the boss who was sick. Maybe it was the icy air on the bike to work; whichever way, by yesterday (Saturday) I had become really ill - fevers, chills, sore chest, agitated mucous membranes and such. On top of that I'd had a vicious coughing spell and pulled or snapped something in my lower back. The pain has since become intolerable and incessant.

I stayed in bed the rest of the day yesterday but managed to get up to make dinner: chicken chow mein. The One enjoyed it tremendously but all I could taste was a faint KFC and cola.
After dinner I had a scorching bath and went to sleep very early after a scorching bath and drifting on a high induced by taking Norflex, Borstol, Med Lemon with rooibos and some ethanol for good measure.
Today I got up at 13:30, after The One returned from conscientiously running a whole lot of errands - mail, groceries, gas and such.

The 'flu is better but there still is no position – sitting down, standing up, lying down – which I find comfortable. The pills help for the pain some but they space me out completely and the discomfort still makes me irritable. The One had to stop me from launching the laptop onto the neighbour's roof when the bastard stopped working.

My Love has been a Saint - supportive and caring beyond description, attending my every need. The pets also visit me in bed, curling up against my aching back to keep it warm. When I have a bathroom break, Mary takes it upon herself to keep my spot warm until I return.

I sincerely hope this sudden medication-induced surreality will be over tomorrow. Death upon the House of Influenza.

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