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Sunday, August 26, 2012


After snow only two weeks ago and still wearing our winter woolies last week, summer arrived without warning yesterday and our temperatures soared to 32°C (90°F). Overnight all the plants have sprung into action, believing that they overslept and missed spring.

Anna is also growing at a rate of knots.

The cats were allowed outside yesterday because it was such a lovely day. After a while Lizz and Mary got fed up with the novelty and returned indoors to sleep on the bed. Vicky, however, stayed outside and inspected every blade of grass.

Today we tackled the vegetable-garden-to-be. This is an "after" photo. Hey, I know it looks like a wasteland but at least it doesn't look like a public dumping site any more. We also laid the cornerstone in front of the gate with great pomp.

During the clean-up operation we found an impressive grasshopper. Ilze would have freaked out and locked herself in the bathroom. She's funny like that, is my sister. The 'hopper took a sip of my beer but didn't seem any the worse for the wear. I guess you have to stay hydrated when it's this sizzling out.

Anyway, our pumpkin is looking good. With The One's green fingers, soon the entire place will be filled with plump, scrumptious veg.

The parsley, which I planted on 31 December last year, is also doing very well despite being largely neglected since winter started.

I am very happy with my glasses. It's even more useful now that we can be outside again and to help me see to nurse the dusty, parched garden back to a sea of greenery.

We also transformed a very overgrown little corner into a proper flower bed, ready for The One to sprinkle brightly coloured flowers. That's him, trying to dodge the photo.

On op of all this, I also washed the Nissan.

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