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Sunday, August 19, 2012

the rite of spring

It’s like I’m reliving my young adulthood. To begin with, I’ve got a pimple the size of Canada on my left cheek. It’s so big I can spot it on my shadow when walking in the sun. Also, I have a bike again the way I did in high school and after. The greatest thing that takes me back to that time in my life, however, is that I’m wearing glasses again. As I said before, contacts are very convenient but fall outside of our budget at the moment.

I collected the sleek black pair of specs yesterday after work and have been wearing them since. Luckily I’m used to having a metal-and-plastic contraption hanging on my face so I got used to it again quickly. Let’s hope they will change my perspective a little and make me some wiser as well.

To celebrate we had an in-house movie night last night. I could only go to the DVD shop after fetching the glasses so all the new stuff was out. Still, I managed to get The Iron Lady, The King’s Speech and In Time. At home we discovered that the incorrect disk was in In Time’s case – Flight of the Living Dead. We watched it anyway and enjoyed all three films. The glasses performed flawlessly and it was after 1:00am when we went to bed.

I was up early this morning to return the DVDs. Last time it was a little late and they charged us for an extra day. I used Flymo and we had a nice little early Sunday morning run. Back home, I got back in bed next to The One cosily slumbering away and slept until late.

Watering the garden a little, some jacaranda seed pods cracked open and spilled their contents. They’re thinking it’s the first rain. I agree; spring is just around the corner.

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