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Saturday, September 08, 2012

gardening 201

Strange weather we’ve been having. Little more than a month ago it was snowing and this week we had the most unbelievable rain storms. It even hailed.

Like a cat I detest getting wet so, starting Tuesday, I used the car instead of Flymo for my daily commute. In an effort to spare Flymo from the worst of the storms we parked him under the carport in front of the car. Still he emerges spattered and soiled.

Early on the day the storms began The One decided to rid the living room of our decrepit couch for once and all. He single-handedly dragged the rancid thing outside and left it there, exposed to the elements like Amelie’s teddy. We’ll have to make a plan to get rid of the bloody eyesore. I’d like to douse it with petrol and set it alight but I think the neighbours might summon the fire brigade. I suppose we could just drag it into the street at 3:00am and abandon it.

The worst of the storms manifested when I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with the boss driving back to work after seeing important clients. The sky grew so dark that the streetlights switched themselves on. Most drivers are so terrified and unused to the average Highveld thunderstorm that their senses leave them and they all become like your average 95 year old driver, causing major traffic jams. Torrents upon torrents of rain washed across the windscreen; the wipers stood no chance. Eventually the buckets of rain turned into buckets of hail.

The last thing on my mind at the time was our little garden, especially since the boss and I listened to 702 and they had a discussion about the music of Sixto Rodrigues. It’s really hard to concentrate on anything when listening to that kind of sweet music... specially Sugarman.

I spent all this morning activating the garden, hauling it out of winter mode. I was surprised to find that the hail had damaged our poor newbie pumpkin plant severely. I really hope the mite will recover. The clivia was also damaged and will not flower this year. I read somewhere that they won’t flower for a year after moving. I think it’s still recovering from the damage those goddamned worms caused last year. At least there are healthy new leaves.

So I manicured the parched lawns and trimmed their overgrown edges. I dug out a new flowerbed where the dogs can’t cause too much harm and planted giant dahlia seeds like last year and mixed them with some proper double carnations. Those were really ancient, the packet was falling apart so we’re all holding thumbs they’ll germinate.

Last weekend we planted two sprouting frangipani branches which we discovered when clearing the veg garden. All their little pilot leaves died but I am sure they will survive and become viable plants, sweetening the air about the house with their flowers.

After finishing weekly garden duty I had a cooling bath and then I went to the shops for provisions. Sitting outside and enjoying my handiwork after that, we were visited by a smaller version of the grasshopper we found in the veg garden when we last worked in it.

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