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Sunday, September 02, 2012

spring the second

Yesterday Spring Day was celebrated in the southern hemisphere. To me, it was more or less a normal day because I had to work, but at least it was only a Saturday shift from 9:00 to 13:00. Anyway, the weather was strangely good; usually it would be too cold to wear your spring finery on the day. The plants are also confused and I have yet to find a single flower bud in the entire winter-stricken yard.

Perfectly attuned to nature, Anna is in high heat at the moment. Alfred and Geoffrey refuse to eat; they only live to fight each other viciously for the right to make passionate love to Anna all night long, even if the plumbing doesn’t hook up properly. We’ll just have to make a plan to get her sterilised.

Here she is, inspecting her own four day old poop on the lawn. Since a small misunderstanding was sorted out at the municipality, I have been able to water the garden some lately. The lawn looks better for it but I still need to do a lot of work before it will be restored to its peace-time glory. We found one of the caterpillars that nearly destroyed the Clivia last year. I squashed it underfoot, squirting icky green juice.

The cats were allowed outside for a while this morning, after we returned from running some errands and paying some bills. Here I am holding Her Feisty Highness, Lizz. She hid away when they had to come in, hoping to escape from her enprisonment. Yes, I am aware that my hair looks miserable; I went to the shops looking like that. That bloody wayward curl simply won’t lie down.

For no apparent reason Victoria and Mary instructed me not to publish any photographs of them this week. The One followed their example as did Pippin. Alfred and Geoffrey simply do not stand still long enough to capture a photo. They are like energised little springs jumping... no, humping all over. Besides, they are trying to remain under the Sexual Assault Police’s radar.

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