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Sunday, October 14, 2012

maggie's story

You know the scene: swarms of robed housewives sporting wild hair dragging an overfilled municipal bin into the street early in the morning, joined by sleepy men in only pyjama bottoms; all of them hoping to catch the garbage truck in time. That’s exactly how it is when I collect the dog poop from the lawn before a manicure: I comb whitened, week-old offerings out of the grass with our orange rake while the three of them desperately sniff around for a spot to deposit their newest efforts before it is too late.


We had a nice sleep-in this morning. I was meant to go to the shop down the road at 9:00 to get the daily necessities as well as a Rapport, which today contained a free DVD - Lokval in Venesië (Ambush in Venice), an ancient Afrikaans film. When the alarm went off at 8:30, however, I touched snooze and tried to find a comfy spot on the overcrowded bed. I went right back to sleep. After an hour of the alarm going off again at 10 minute intervals I gave up and touched dismiss. Then I shuffled the five sleeping mammals on the bed so that I could lie more comfortably and was back in dreamland in seconds.

I finally dragged myself to the shop some time after 11:00 only to find that the newspaper with the film had been sold out. I got the rest of the stuff and returned home in a huff. At least we got Snip en Rissiepit two weeks ago with the previous promotion.

Still, I'm really glad I managed to sleep late. The past week was incredibly draining – I won’t bother you with the sordid details but one staff member was off sick and I just seemed to go in earlier and stay later and later. One day stretched from 6:30 until 19:45!


Anyway. One of the many clients that decided to use my current employer’s services the past week was a charming and neat German lady, Frau Richter. She ordered a very detailed custom wall-hanging calendar with photos from her garden and different quotes and gardener’s tips for every month. Here is shown the progress of the calendar – the first version in the top row and the final version of each page, which I will present to her tomorrow,  in the bottom row.

I really like the calendar, being an amateur gardener myself... I actually enjoyed working on it. Amongst all the pages containing eye-catching photos, handy tips and thought-provoking quotes a single page stands out: April features two photos of the same girl at different ages, with the following caption: 

In memory of our daughter
Illana Marlene
1989 – 2010


We spent the rest of this morning in the garden. After removing most of the dog crap I mowed the lawn while The One gave the veggie garden a much-needed weeding. Then I made a serene and neat little corner bed around the cycad, where poppies have suddenly appeared even though they were sowed there more than a year ago. We also did what we could to protect the new jasmine from being eaten into the ground by the random white rabbits we seem to have in these parts nowadays. Must be global warming.

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