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Monday, November 26, 2012


I know. It looks like I'm playing at ABBA.

It’s a little more complicated than that, so here it is:

I had to deliver some stuff to an important client at 8:00am yesterday morning and The One drove the ten kilos or so with me. After we got back home we got right back in bed for nice, cosy lie-in. We dozed off for a bit; even so by 14:00 we’d done the dishes, the washing and mowed the lawn.

Then we lazed about outside and I ate an apple for a snack. Not long after that I suddenly felt really queasy and went to the bathroom to rinse my face with cold water.

Last thing I remember is the cool water on my face and how I was starting to feel better.

When I came around a second or two later I was face down on the floor, struggling to catch my breath. I remember it felt as though I was drowning. I managed to gulp down a big breath or two and that revived me. I struggled to my feet; The One was there now and helped me.

It looks like I had some kind of blackout or whatnot and I hit my brow on the edge of the basin on the way down. Good thing I was out at the time because it must've been pretty painful. Anyway, I landed face first on the tiles.

My glasses were all bent but The One bent them right back into shape.

I suspect that I’m the first one in my family ever to get a tile burn on the cheekbone. To add insult to injury, what had been a subtle ABBA-esque powder blue yesterday transformed into a crazed shade of sluttish crimson overnight. I look like a drag queen who’s forgotten to wash the left side of her face properly.


So I think it was just low blood sugar but The One says it’s work stress and that I have to relax.

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