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Monday, November 19, 2012

first harvest

Four more poppies made their appearance in the garden overnight and stood proudly in the breeze yesterday morning when we got up around 10:00. We managed to finish some chores in the garden like weeding the veggies and herbs and properly watering everywhere.

Temperatures have been soaring lately with no rain so it’s important to keep everything moist. Even though it was hellish outside, yesterday was like heaven on earth – no contact from work!

After we cleaned up, we plucked the very first handful of green beans from our veggie garden. I cooked us a rich, rustic oxtail stew in a beautiful, heavy saucepan with a glass lid which had been a gift. On top of the seared oxtail I layered carrots, whole new potatoes, chunks of butternut and the fresh beans. Cook for four hours without removing the lid. Serve gluey heaps of the stew alongside buttered rice with freshly chopped parsley from your garden to soak up the wonderful gravy.

The stew turned out to be pretty darned tasty and we ate all of it before I could even take a photo. Honestly, when we were done only the glistening assbones were left in the gravy-smeared plates. It was that good – I get goosebumps and a hollow feeling in the middle just thinking about it now.

The dogs also enjoyed a tiny smidgen of the stew each. No bones.
Successful first harvest, no?

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