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Thursday, November 15, 2012


The One's diagnosis was an injured muscle which had become painfully infected. In my opinion it was the return of a painful problem in my shoulder joint as a teenager. Only... I think it was the left shoulder back then, and it was definitely the joint, not the muscles. Anyway, a doctor injected some cold, clear liquid into the joint with a long-a$$ needle and it was all sorted.

This time round there was no money for no doctor to treat me and I just had to grin and bear the pain. Smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave. All the muscles surrounding my right shoulder became knotty and sore. It reached far as those diagonal one across your throat (The One says civilised people call it the sternocleidomastoid muscle) and as far down as my biceps and triceps. The epicentre was undoubtedly a throbbing knot in the middle of my lower trapezius, going all the way up to where the muscle attaches itself to the cranium. I know my Latin, I do!

the only rational explanation, of course, is that my body is protesting the hell I drag it through day after day

I tried soaking my entire torso in a warm tub; The One massaged me with some sweet-smelling Deep Heat. Neither helped much. I slept only on the left side and kept my right shoulder warm which also helped nil. Not even my ever trusty Norflex could make the pain disappear this time. Yesterday I was so desperate for relief that I knowingly took one of the large, powdery tablets while at work - around 10:00am. Yes, halfway through the day I found myself taking a snooze and drooling on the desk - in full view of The Boss, customers and colleagues, shoulder still merrily aching.

Today, thankfully the painful and spastic muscles relented ever so slightly, causing some discomfort to dissipate. Even so, the day was no less stressful. When The One opened the gate and I drove dear Flymo up the driveway tonight at 19:40, I sensed he was unhappy that I work myself into the ground for nothing. Just like my father - look where it got the man.

It is silly to grovel for an irate boss every day when you see it through the eyes of someone else, isn't it?

Although not entirely appropriate for this specific post, the following music video does make me feel better. Maybe it'll help for all your little aches as well.

or watch here

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