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Saturday, November 17, 2012

the rewards

Unlike work where there are no rewards for working hard, our efforts in the garden are beginning to return rewards.

Four pretty poppies lifted their bright red heads early this morning. The seeds were sown more than a year ago and we didn't imagine any would have survived winter. I really love the fragile flowers; sadly they only last for a day. All day long the scorching sun bleach the petals until they become a shimmering shade of copper.

We discovered that our very first hubbard squash has its own bullfrog bouncer. Ain't nobody gonna touch that there pumpkin while Bubba's around.

About two months ago I cleaned a patch in the overgrown herb garden and planted a packet of tiny catnip seeds. Miraculously, about seven seeds have germinated and we are able to honour the cats almost every other evening with the offering of a single fragrant leaf. We can't smell anything but their royal madams are transformed when they smell the stuff; they roll and mew and become all cute kitten for a while. Then they hack the leaf to shreds and gobble it up.

Already  there have appeared marrows and beans which will be ready for harvesting in a day or two. We may just julienne, blanch and freeze them for later use in a stir-fry or so.

Our tomato plants with the common name "moneymakers" printed on the seed packet are flowering, as are the giant dahlia seeds I planted way back in spring.

We languished in bed until 11:00am this morning when work started bugging me on the phone. I spent the rest of the morning sending them instructions while toiling away in the garden to get rid of my frustrations. I managed to manicure the grass to within an inch of its damn life and The One sorted the dogs and the kitchen. 

The One and I are just thankful that I am off work this weekend.

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