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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Been out of sorts these two weeks, and you?

Unfortunately at the moment there just seems to be time for nothing but work, eat and a meagre 6 hours of sleep daily with the occasional 20 minutes of grown-up bath time thrown in. As a result both The One and I have developed the most irritating case of frayed nerves. 

It really is that bad – even though I spent 181 hours more at the green and orange hell than the closest competitor last month, breaking free of the mire at the end of each day still not a single free second remains to attend to some customer’s requests. Instead those just spill over into my personal life conveniently like acid reflux. Yeah, I've been bringing work home, greatly frustrating The One. He is deeply concerned about my workholism.

Despite my commendable dedication, at work I am continually reprimanded. What can I say... If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


Even so, doesn't time just seem to pass quickly when your mind is occupied elsewhere?

Last night we used Google Maps to find places we’d lived at before we met. The One showed me where he’d lived and worked in London ages ago; he said all of the places seemed to have hardly changed since 2004.

Then I showed him the house where I grew up. To say the least, after 17 years  it looks like they tore down everything and rebuilt it in a rather kitsch mid-African style. In stark contrast to The One’s photos, this one is unrecognisable; if I didn't know the house next door I wouldn't have believed that it is the place where I became myself, c. 1981 - 1995.


At least the unseen passing of time appears to be good for some things.

Forcing myself to forget about work, I spent the afternoon yesterday toiling outside like I was getting paid for it. I mowed the lawns and even trimmed their edges. Of late I've been neglecting the latter part of the weekly manicure so it was quite a job to zap the overgrown edges back into some sort of shape; meanwhile The One conscientiously swept up the severed grass bits I left in my wake.

In my opinion, the garden looks the better for our sporadic efforts over the last year. For instance, these photos show the same north-eastern corner of our yard from different angles – you judge for yourself. The first was taken on 25 September 2011, the second on 3 November 2012.

As you’ll notice a sudden patch of pretty red poppies appeared next to the ailing cycad, a year after The One sowed their minute seeds.

Since its humble inception, the veggie garden has also taken off like a house on fire with the pumpkins and beans already flowering. Were we lovers of baby spinach, we could have fed on the crisp green sprouts already. Instead, we’re leaving them to mature into strong, dark green leaves - to be served steamed with double cream and white sauce with mature cheddar. Use herbed blue cheese if you feel adventurous.


Despite the abrupt change of season and all the effects on our tiny contained lives, the jacaranda triplets flowered late this year and have only matured into their most spectacular shade of seductive lavender in the course of the last week.

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