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Sunday, December 02, 2012

a few of my favourite things

Giant Dahlias on a rainy Sunday afternoon. This morning, The One had a trial run to the consulting rooms of his new doctor who he will consult on Thursday. Always better to check stuff out beforehand, I say. I sat quietly in the passenger seat and let the GPS do the talking. We've chosen the dulcet Afrikaans female voice so that's all sorted.

After that we went to the shops and got some proper dog food and other neccesities. The cheap crap the dogs have been eating these last days (before payday) is just no bloody good - especially for the poor, soiled lawn.

The new dahlia seeds produce flowers in all shades of magenta, while the inbred ones from last year have progressed to yellow and orange.

African Marigolds keeping garden pests at bay.

Our mountain cabbage tree, growing at a rate of knots.

Baby tomatoes.

A pretty lilac jacaranda flower on a de-pooped and manicured lawn. Managed to scrape up the crap and cut the grass just before the rain started sifting down.

A cat dolefully contemplating the rainy weather. No playing outside today.

Donning our festive season caps. Eye's looking better.

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