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Thursday, December 27, 2012

blistering sun

We eagerly watched the weather last night and were very glad that they forecast 60% rain for our area. We've been wanting to get to weeding the driveway like last year but after my last experience in the sun we thought it best to stay indoors.

This morning the sky was overcast just the way they said it would be. We rubbed each other down with two year old sunscreen, donned our hats, grabbed some tools, rounded up the three canine companions and bravely stepped outdoors.

It was cool and lovely all the way down the driveway by the gate and the weeds came out easily thanks to the wonderful rain we had. We even found Anna's entire nail which had been ripped out in the line of duty. She chased a marauding rabbit out of the garden.

As the morning wore on the cloud cover slowly disappeared as the ferocious sun burned through from above and only isolated patches remained after our first smoke break. We thought the sunscreen would hold out but after a while it got very hot in the sun.

I was wearing another scanty tanktop and The One noticed that blisters were appearing on my shoulders. We hurriedly cleaned up and retreated indoors to sit the sun out.

He soothes my blistered skin with ice packs and love.

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