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Thursday, December 06, 2012


Last night we had the honour of joining the bosses and two co-workers at this place for a wine-tasting dinner  cum year end farewell party dinner thing.

Even though the company was dodgy the food was pretty good and the six different glasses of wine we tasted as we waded through a three course meal made us all giggly and fuzzy.

In stark contrast, work today was the usual smear of office politics and rabid clients. 'Nuff said. One week to go.


Monday evening after I got home from work we went to say a teary farewell to Dirk and Alex, The One's twin brother and hubby. They jetted off to Finland on Turkish Air Business Class last night just as we were sipping our first wine: Konfetti Sparkling Pink by Knorhoek. As diplomats,  they will enjoy the iciest weather imaginable and settle in or around Helsinki for four years. 

You can read about their adventures here.

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