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Sunday, December 23, 2012

on holiday

Thank God they had the foresight to use UV resistant ink when those people did my discreet little-tattoo-on-the-left-shoulder-that-no-one’s-supposed-to-know-about way back in 1998.

I spent the morning mowing the lawns and trimming their overeager edges. I chose to wear a snazzy but scanty sleeveless Nike hand-me-down. Starting at 10:30am I managed to mow all four lawns but I'm afraid I only trimmed the front lawn’s grubby edges into submission before the ferocious sun got the better of me. Around 12:00 noon I chucked in the towel and took shelter inside. Even so I emerge as red as a ripe strawberry. It’s so sensitive that I had a hard time sleeping last night.

Afrika, né, Afrika is nie vir sissies nie.

While I whipped the lawns into shape The One washed two days worth of dishes and then sanitised the floors using our grand, expensive Verimark mop and Dettol Floor Steriliser. Unfortunately (not unexpectedly, though) the mop didn't live up to the bally infomercial promises and said contraption fell apart barely four months after we got it. The incident left The One with three painful gashes; were we Americans we’d be considering legal action.

After a cursory search in the surroundings revealed no plasters or bandage I had to improvise. Luckily I was a Voortrekker long ago and I simply used cosmetic cotton pads, cello-tape and pressure to staunch the bleeding. It goes without saying that our daily grocery run happened a little earlier than usual.

Back home after shopping and The One’s injuries taken care of, we shut the dogs inside and opened the windows for the cats - been a long time since they’ve been allowed outside. All feline shore leave’s been cancelled since the appearance of Slutlana, in fact. Thankfully her hormones have temporarily subsided and HRH Elizabeth III has resurfaced.

If you’re sharp you’ll recognise the TV trolley with Lizz outside on the last photo. I was amazed when none of the cats found it strange that the lop-sided thing suddenly appeared in the garden.

Despite our limited knowledge of tools and all things DIY we managed on Friday to install a newly acquired TV wall bracket (including the optional, obscenely expensive and disappointingly simple gadget hanger) to accommodate our out-of-date 52” tube telly as well as the very posh DVD-player-cum-radio-receiver-cum-multimedia-player-Dolby 5.1 surround sound system Dirk and Alex gave us before they left. Personally I don’t trust the whole setup hanging off the bare wall... but it’s held so far and the sound is very impressive.

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