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Monday, December 31, 2012

salut 2012!

This evening at exactly 12:00am a special reset button will be pressed at an undisclosed location and we’ll all be transported to a mellow, happy place and find ourselves magically teleported to 1 January with an entire year stretching out before us like a blank slate.

When young I was of the opinion that whatever you’d messed up the previous year would be forgiven, settled, fixed or erased at that instant.

At this stage in my life, however, reflecting on the many things I botched in 2012 with no chance to ever undo makes me miserable. I can’t promise that one or two soppy, sentimental tears won’t be shed but I have a feeling tonight’sgonna be a good night. Let’s hold thumbs that this night’s positive energy overflows all the way into tomorrow. May we all have a spectacular 2013!

As a farewell to 2012, I'm going to have to force you to listen to the inter-universal New Year’s anthem:

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