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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Today was the first normal weekday of my holiday after the long weekend. We got up late-ish and cleaned up a bit – not too fastidiously, though. It is holiday, after all.

Lizz is in oestrus again. Sorry, that just slipped out but she is very loud about it and cares nothing about the time of day or night. When overcome by lust she bellows it out for all to hear. We tried an acupressure technique performed at the base of the tail (found online) but it is difficult to perform on a squirming hellion  and has not proven successful.

We have temporarily changed her name to Slutlana as that seems more appropriate under the circumstances.

Anyway, I know we’re very irresponsible persons for not having had her spayed earlier. To be quite frank, there has simply never been money to have her desires removed. There is always something more urgent to pay and not enough left after. So we’d hoped to use my annual bonus for that purpose. This will prove difficult, given the disappointing bonus awarded to me this year.

I'm afraid I lost it for a bit and tore up the flowery letter that accompanied my payslip without thinking. Words that were used in describing my conduct over the year include “positive contribution”, “can do - will try attitude”, “willingness to assist” and my personal favourite, “anchor to the team”.

Words I’d choose to describe what they “awarded” me would include miserly, inadequate, inconsiderate, disproportionate and also bloody late. It’ll only show up on our account balance tomorrow.

Now this here anchor might just be hauled up and away to greener shores in the not too distant future.

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