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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

back to work

Don't you always find that the things you fearfully imagine never turn out exactly the way you imagined and the whole story becomes kind of an anticlimax? The first day back at work was just like that today. Defying my worst fears, the bosses only gnarled at me and didn't rip me to shreds the way I thought they would.

was chewed out for being too negative so I'm supposed to work on being more positive among other things. Apparently I am also quite stupid so I also have to work smarter this year, not harder.

Let's just see how that works out, shall we?


The One was overjoyed when I got home tonight at normal time; a spectacle which has not been observed for many, many months. May the force be with me so that I can return home every day this year at the very same time.

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