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Sunday, January 20, 2013

cabin fever ii

It’s been raining non-stop since Friday and we've been unable to stay outside for long. Don’t misunderstand, we love the rain. Why, it made a cycad seed germinate in Ilze and Cas’ garden!

On weekends incessant rain just disrupts our routines a bit, is all. Washing’s not done, lawn’s not mowed, that kind of thing. Unable to work in the garden yesterday, The One and I were constantly at one another’s throat about silly little things. We were bored to death and arguing seemed like the only way to stay occupied.

Sometimes I guess I just need a little me-time even if it is in the scorching sun, mowing a lawn.

Given the current weather conditions, in this glorified dog house our three dogs also do it inside. They say their bums get cold and wet outside and it’s just so much nicer doing it on snug, sterilised tiles than on filthy and damp old grass. They must feel a little guilty about it, though, because they only do it inside when they have their me-time. 

We've never had any form of parasite on the cats or dogs but overnight they've all become hosts to multiple colours, sizes and species of virulent blood-sucking tick varmints. Nothing seems to be helping so far, although the rain seems to fuel their rate of reproduction.

It must have something to do with the rate at which the grass is growing. In a week it shall be declared tall enough for us to conduct African bush tours for rich Europeans. We shall be millionaires.

Night brought no relief from the cabin fever. After spending hours tossing and turning in bed and fighting off a slumbering a Rottweiler who thinks she’s the size of a pea for a small spot on the mattress, I cracked at exactly 3:05am when Lizz started caterwauling as loudly as she could manage.

Even though our house is tiny I spent two hours locating her because every time as soon as I got up she’d quietly vanish, just like the bloody grinning Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. At long last I managed to grab her under the coffee table just before she could pull off the little disappearing act again. She found her royal self roughly dragged off by the scruff of the neck to solitary confinement, situated in the bathroom.

I’d let her die of old age there, only we have to use the room for a bath and so on from time to time.

Of course I couldn't sleep after that ordeal so I just chain-smoked in the rain while surfing on my BB. Since getting married the internet just isn't what it used to be any more. All business, no play.

I went back to bed at 6:00am when it was light outside. Anna had thoughtfully kept my spot warm and tick-infested. After a bad night though, I sunk into a deep sleep and wasn't bothered by a goddamned thing.

We were up around 9:00am, both very surprised at the early hour - unable to see the position of the sun, both of us thought it was much later. We decided to be more civil today and, as soon as I returned from the shops, we sat quietly in the lounge sipping tea and reading the depressing Sunday newspaper from front to back, all the while listening to the revitalising rain falling outside.

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