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Monday, January 07, 2013

I could be the one

I had a hard time finding a name for this post. I didn't want to sound blue or moany even though that is how I feel since work starts again tomorrow. In the end I just gave it the name of a music video which shows exactly how I feel about my job.

(mobile version here)

I love it.

At 8:44 this morning I got a message from the boss. We were still in bed, enjoying the last lie-in of the season and at first I couldn’t even open the message, thinking it was trouble. Nausea overwhelmed me and I had a smoke before managing to read the BBM. It was simply a generic message she’d obviously sent to everyone to remind us all that work starts tomorrow at the normal time.

As if we’d bloody forget.


Anyway, we had a very good holiday, really... even though we went nowhere and didn't finish half the things we wanted to do. That was mostly because of the crappy bonus I got but also because we just wanted to take it easy. Still, I’m thankful for the bonus because some people I know didn’t get any at all, not even a crappy one.

Despite the shortage of funds and our slackness, The One and I still managed to make the garden look great and the driveway’s almost completely bare of weeds. The dogs enjoy the single patch of long grass that remains.

The TV stuff is out of the way and we made a pumpkin.

We had a visit from Ilze, Cas and Mother yesterday and they brought us two lounge chairs to replace the couch as well as a collapsible bed for the spare room. Our place looks real spiffy with the new furniture!

My wishes for all of us for 2013 and beyond:

May the sun bring us energy by day, the moon softly restore us by night. May the rain wash away our worries and the wind blow strength into our beings. May we walk gently though the world and know its beauty always.

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