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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

of showers

After pouring a small fortune into a useless annuity fund every month for more than two years we abruptly cancelled the foolish thing. After a long struggle said Institution finally returned some of our cash and early on Saturday morning we sped off to Builder’s, completely unaware of the fact that we were still wild-haired and sleepy-eyed. I may have been in my pyjamas, which may explain the strange looks.

We excitedly bought everything we needed to install our very own shower-in-a-bath.

Back home and finally awake I had to play a hard game of catch-up with the lawns because I’d been unable to manicure the vigorous growers the weekend before. As you will recall life had been particularly rainy and irritating then.

As soon as them lawns were done (didn't trim the edges again) we set about fixing the GD plumbing up. It was surprisingly easy to get all the components installed and after another hasty trip to the hardware store for a longer shower-pipe-thing I had the very first messy shower-in-our-bath by 15:00.

The dotty cheap plastic curtain fails as a colourful accessory because it is stands alone in the stark, monotone room. Still, the Crazy Store version at R20 ($2) won over the luxurious Builder’s one at R89 ($10). Besides, it works just as well and keeps the place mostly dry.

Sitting outside later all shaven and shorn, smelling like a harem, a ladybug joined us. I've heard they bring good luck.

Still later The One felt ill again from all the upset and drama with his pills and mistook the dirty washing bin for an oubliette.


On Sunday we slept late and got up barely in time to join family in Brooklyn for noonish lunch. We both had the wonderful wood-fired Quattro Stagioni pizza with anchovies and it was very, very tasty. On top of that Alex had specially brought me lovely chewy liquorice from far away.

Back home once more we spent the remainder of the day thoroughly bleaching the bathroom and sanitising The One’s spittoon from the night before. Around 17:00 the washing was all clean and drying on the line. 

Exhausted after the day's adventures we sank into bed early.


At exactly 12:07am loud thunder woke me up. I thought another storm was coming and sprang from bed to go save the precious washing. Like an Olympian sleepwalker I dashed outside, washing basket clasped under my arm. I wildly plucked clothes off the line. There were four shirts and a bunch of underwear in the hamper before I realised that it must have been raining for a while and that the clothes were even more soaked than when we'd hung their bones there in the afternoon.

More importantly, I realised that moi was also soaked to the bone. Sensibly, I abandoned the clothes and went back to bed after a fag and a quick rubdown with a towel in the bathroom. Judging by the lingering odour in there, maybe our garments needed another thorough rinse after all.   


Last night we had a tiny braai to celebrate the imminent arrival of payday. The weather didn’t play along, though, and when the coals were just ready to roast some meat another unexpected Highveld thundershower showed up.

We simply moved the car and continued our feast under the carport. There we sat sheltered from the showers, each quietly busy with our own thoughts. The One scratched his shoulder and it looked just like he was adjusting a bra strap under his shirt.

It is a discomforting thought that both of us look like we need bras. He'd be comfy in a modest 34C but my ever expanding man-bosom is more like a 40D. 

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