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Thursday, January 24, 2013

pills: an update

There's been some important developments in the ongoing saga of The One's pills and I feel a minuscule update on last night's post is in order.

Today dear Alex was in Pretoria to sort out some of his late father's affairs. He actually spent some of his precious time to go see the idiots at the pharmacy who'd bungled the delivery of The One's medication. He put their butts straight on some things. Then he demanded a replacement bouquet of meds and drove all the way to my work to personally deliver the crucial tablets.

We hugged and he gave me the chems. He also handed me the phone number of a friendly agent within the system that I should contact if there was any more problems with The One's monthly drug supplies.

He had very little time and many things still to do so we only chatted for a few moments before he had to go. He showed me a photo on his BB of his slumbering father all laid out. The tired face it showed was beautiful nonetheless; I was struck by the old man's peaceful countenance.

As soon as I could slip away I raced home to chaperone the fresh stuff on their final journey and personally delivered the parcel to The One before racing back to work before anyone missed my absent a$$. 

At least we'll get to see Alex for a bit longer on Sunday when we meet for lunch in Brooklyn. I hope we'll be able to thank him properly.

That's the latest on the pills. The wayward package will be returned to us via the diplomatic pouch as soon as it arrives in Helsinki.

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