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Sunday, February 10, 2013

gardening 203

All my attention’s been demanded elsewhere for a while which is why I haven’t posted in a long time. I apologise for our online absence, as I apologise to clients at work on a regular basis for not having gotten around to their job yet. I'm afraid the requirements of my new job title are really taking it out of me and I have never desired another me or six arms more desperately.

Anyway, I worked yesterday even though it wasn't my weekend. I guess a small part of me still hopes, come tomorrow, Wendy will think I did something right instead of bashing me for all the other things I did wrong.

I got home around 13:30 after work and the prospect of mowing the lawns seemed unappetising. Also, Anna is in bleedin' heat again which seems to require some action on our part but instead we simply lazed about  and I really tried to relax and forget about bloody work.


This morning we visited Mother. We haven’t been able to go see her in what seems like forever but we also had the chance to finally return her computer. We’d collected the ageing Dell Inspiron 2400 way back in December after she complained about its poor performance. Turns out it only contained 256MB of RAM. In this digital age it was a problem easily solved but still the “special order” 1GB memory module we got her over the ‘net took its sweet time in arriving from China. When we were finally able to plug it in, the computer’s performance soared. We also replaced the CD-ROM drive; strangely sticky, the old one refused to open.

Almost two months later she’s all online again.

Ilze and Cas joined us from next door and we had a decadent grenadilla tart Mom made. After that we went for a leisurely stroll through my sister and her husband’s magnificent garden. The place is as beautiful and serene as a shard of undiscovered rain forest. The two of them expertly pulled all kinds of wonderful plants from the rich soil and kindly presented them to us for planting in our own barren grounds.

So much did we enjoy the relaxed company of family that we stayed a lot later than anticipated and our own lawns were not mowed today as I intended. The clothes weren't washed either and tomorrow morning I may have to reduce myself to scavenging from the washing bin. Even so, I'm very happy we busted out of our usual sad Sunday routine and spent time with loved ones.


The new plants were all hastily planted around the garden where we thought they’d be happy before it became dark. We watered them. The next photo plainly shows my plumber’s crack poorly concealed under a skimpy tank top  digging a broken heart into the rocky soil under the frangipani.

The next is another of The One’s shaky photos from tonight; it shows the spot right next to the house where I planted an enchanted stick of wall creeper that, bizarrely, sprouts roots and an unfurling leaf. I clumsily managed to snap the defenceless leaf off.

Sadly, The One doesn't always shake from the effect I have on him. Sometimes it’s just the meds. Still, see the Zombie Cat in the window he managed to capture. Yesterday the felines were promised at least 30 minutes outside today. Unhappily, that also never materialised with our late return and tonight, I suppose a price shall have to be paid.  

After the planting rituals outside were completed we used some forgotten plastic potlets with potting soil to carefully position the most precious present we received from Cas today: a rare germinating cycad seed.

As our hope is for all plants planted in peace and in love, may these we planted today grow and may they flourish.
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