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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

still disconnected

I've been having a terrible time with no phone since Saturday.

Driven by pure paranoia I changed my login details on FaceBook, Twitter, the bank, the bloody lot. Just in case the illiterate bastards who robbed me decide to attempt to take over my life as well. I don't recall  which personal details I had saved on the dear device but you never know with criminals.

I activated the BlackBerry service which promises to wipe the phone when it is switched on again. It's also supposed to make it ring as loudly as possible while displaying a foul message... however, according to the service's website we've had no luck so far and the darling has not been active since its violent abduction.

I suppose the poor mite's simply been drawn and quartered for spare parts.

Even so, coming Saturday we're going to visit our service provider and the pathetic police to also try and blacklist the phone so that its stolen a$$ should be rendered unusable.

Meanwhile, I haven't been sleeping too well since the incident. I am afraid at night I'm haunted by the ghost of What If. What if I'd simply driven away and squashed the menaces under the car the way you'd smash a ripe watermelon on asphalt? What if I had hooted and switched on the hazard lights during the mugging? What if I grabbed the sturdy metal steering lock lying on the floor right next to me and beaten some sense into the robbers? What if I'd realised they were up to no good when I noticed the two of them approaching the car and escaped before they attacked me?

And what if I was still in possession of my sanity and of my poor phone?

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