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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

back to black

The replacement contract phone we ordered two weeks ago finally arrived today.

The photo is entitled "Out of the Old, through the computer and into the New". In layman's terms it would be called a "device switch".

The contract sim card that came with the phone will sit in a prehistoric little unused Samsung we've had for the longest time. It doesn't even have a camera!

We'll take only that little mite along in future when we visit dodgy parts in town, so criminals can't take away our 'berries anymore.

I know it's a giant step in the wrong direction to migrate from a Torch to a Curve, but then you've only got the local criminals to thank for that.

The old Bold 9000 is just not up to the draining challenges of modern life anymore.

I'll miss the brick's trusty ancient keyboard, though. After that particular formidable and responsive input device, using this Curve's one feels like sliding through slime on a hot summer's night.

Pleafe disregard any typos you come across.

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