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Sunday, March 17, 2013

fixing things

With all the excrement going down in our lives at the moment, I have come to the conclusion that I have to take matters into my own hands. I know it seems pathetic but at least I'm starting the process by fixing small things that I can control. Hopefully the sentiment will spill over to include happenings that are currently out of my control.


I just realised that the mentioned process is actually already in action: On Friday, Ilze and Cas delivered a chair at our house that matches our new couch. Don't bother to search, I haven't even written about the new couch yet.

Anyway, my sister and her husband also kindly whisked busted Flymo off to the dodgy dealer for me. Turns out it's only the bloody battery that popped and, since the warranty I mentioned doesn't not cover that, it'll cost about R600 ($US65.27).

Unfortunate but not unexpected.


So, that list of things fixed today:
1. Bludgeoned the Lawns

Last week I just didn't feel like it and let the grass grow. Despite my enthusiasm, I still couldn't bring myself to trim the month-old overgrown edges today. That's a job for when I can lay my hands on a proper set of garden shears. Our tiny electric edge trimmer is simply not up to the job, and the foldable garden shears we have are no good either.

The driveway also needs urgent attention. 

2. Screwed the Fence

Which took me only seven minutes. A long time ago Alfred loosened one of the fence pickets through sheer determination. He's had his own private doggie door ever since - free, unsupervised access to the front yard, there to irritatingly bark at the dog next door or to terrorise anyone who happens to pass in the street. Hopefully the four sturdy screws that replaced the rusty nails in the picket will stop this unauthorised behaviour.

3. Poisoned the Dogs

Because picking ticks off your half awake butt in the middle of the night just isn't as much fun as it sounds. We have the most alarming infestation! Where exactly do you imagine the parasites came from?

Anna found the the lukewarm poison running down her skin highly offensive. She dashed off and threw a wild turn at full speed before bowling me over like a skittle on the way to the other side of the yard. At least we dealt with Alfred and Geoffrey more easily, no doubt due to the vast difference in the sizes of a Rottweiler and a Pug or Maltese. After leaving them to dry in the sun for a bit we opened the doors to let them spread the arachnid poison inside.

We can repeat the chemical treatment weekly and the stuff is cat friendly. Yeah, it would be really, really interesting to see someone dip a cat. Fortunately the cats we share the house with don't seem to be taking part in this particular infestation.

Tonight before bed we'll vacuum the entire bedroom from ceiling to floor: behind, under and including the bed. We may even hoover a cat or two from top to tail just to make sure.

One of the hazards of living with pets, I suppose.

4. Hammered the Curtains

Our interior walls have extremely sandy plaster. Honestly, you can sneeze the stuff off. Plastic wall plugs just don't last because the hole is always larger than the plug. Inevitably, one curtain rail pulled away from the wall in the living room months ago. Last week another living room curtain sagged to the floor when the plastic plug failed. Today I hammered a wedge of wooden washing pin into the oversized holes... I think it's only a temporary fix and I'll need dowel sticks for permanence.

At least the neighbours won't be subjected to sightings of bearded gay men prancing randomly about, trying to move to the radio's rhythm anymore.


List of things still to fix:

I'm afraid this list contains a growing number of entries at the moment. I don't have the heart to reduce them all to writing right now, but I'll keep updating you on the ones I've marked as complete.

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