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Sunday, March 10, 2013

mustn't grumble

I'm actually supposed to be doing some work I brought home but I couldn't without having a quick chat first. Chat, moan, whatever.

My "backup" phone isn't really proving up to it. Battery failures, random disconnections and restarts make it very unreliable. This is going to take another chunk of $$$, no doubt.

On top of that Flymo broke down at work on Wednesday evening and after a long struggle I managed to kickstart him and drove home with no indicators and very weak lights. It's like the battery isn't charging. This morning when I was supposed to be mowing the lawns I took apart as much of the scooter as I could manage with my limited, ageing and broken set of tools. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary and had to reassemble everything again. Tomorrow I will phone the dealer to come fetch and repair it. And barely six months old.

I really hate to have to use the Nissan right now. Petrol is really expensive and the car's got a bit of a drinking problem. Besides, the clutch is beyond dodgy. Stepping on the pedal feels like you're playing see-saw with your foot and a whale on the other side, and unless you stick that thing halfway through the floor you're going to be grinding you some gears. You should check out the size of my left calf after a week of using the car!

Before playing at mechanic I'd slept late when I was supposed to be going to the shop to get today's Rapport so we could get the free Fiela se Kind DVD that was in today's issue. By the time I got there the early crowds had hungrily snapped up every single copy.

Seems like I'm almost always supposed to be doing something else.

Better get to that work, then.

Anyway, mustn't grumble.

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