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Friday, March 22, 2013


Solely because of generou$ $upport from family, I was able to collect Flymo from the dealer today and to fully settle the account there.

Thank you.


In preparation for the great event I was up early and at 6:10 I surrendered myself to the mercy of the municipal bus service. I was pleasantly surprised when one rocked up at 6:30 and whisked me away in Flymo's general direction.

After the bus dropped me I still had a twenty minute walk before I reached the dealer. My backpack contained the bike's two rear view mirrors which were removed when he was towed in. Those things  became heavier and heavier and I was all sweaty when I finally got there.

There sat a sad, dusty Flymo in the showroom, longing for his master to fetch him. Despite the ridiculous repair costs, the shady dealer didn't even have the courtesy to wash the poor, dirty scooter.

Anyway, after paying the man I re-attached the mirrors. Then I drove off and really, really enjoyed having my own wheels again.

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