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Thursday, March 21, 2013

working it off

Even though today was a national public holiday here (Human Rights Day), this morning I conscientiously presented a very important client with their hastily-ordered posters for an Easter Egg Painting Competition at the crack of nine.

Sleep was particularly good, if rudely interrupted. Unfortunately we neglected to cancel my daily GET UP NOW alarm last night and at 5:30 a BlackBerry proudly announced that it was time to GET UP. To reinforce the command, it played an annoying goddamned alarm tone over and OVER WHILE RAISING THE VOLUME.

I found the kill-switch on the handheld device. Then I nervously had two fags before deciding that it really was too early to be awake and went back to bed, my spot kept snug by a slumbering Rottie.

I couldn't go back to sleep at first. My mind was active and after playing Sims in my head for a bit, I thought up something I promised myself I would do today.

Suddenly my mind was at rest and I dozed off.


Before delivering the posters all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I had a sanitisation session in the form of a warm shower. Outside, the world was lazily waking up. I doused myself with Opium.

The delivery went smoothly and by 9:20 I was back home. The One sleepily had coffee and a fag with me before returning to bed accompanied by three half-awake dogs. The cats settled on various pieces of furniture in the living-room for a long catnap.

I wasn't particularly sleepy by that time; instead I braved the vicious sun outside and created a nice tidy spot in the garden, just the way I promised myself. I had to use the pruning scissors to trim the lawn's edges and even though it took a long, sweaty time, those edges are once again as neat a s a pin.

It was quiet while I worked and I found it utterly relaxing. Butterflies came, sipping nectar from the season's last giant dahlias before fluttering by.

The One was up; we had more coffee and fags and decided to take the rest of the day off.

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