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Sunday, April 28, 2013

helping hand

This weekend turned out to be almost a total waste.

At least our Freedom Day included freedom from my crummy job and we slept until 12:00pm yesterday. Today as well, just for good measure.We didn't even manage to do the washing and I may just have to put in an appearance as a certain naked emperor at work tomorrow... maybe he also just ran out of unsoiled underwear, poor man.

Anyway, I say almost an entire waste because at least I managed to finally help my love set up his music blog today. 

Strangely, my inspiration for this project came to me in a feverish dream during the early morning hours. I fought a relentless battle against acid reflux.

The following images contain elements from my dreams:


Here's The One's first hit, from Dirk in Helsinki moments after we let him know it was online.

Good job, dear.

Fortunam favere vos!

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