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Sunday, April 07, 2013

secret lives

I always find it strange that the season can change in the space of a few days. After my birthday on Tuesday late summer became autumn overnight. Wrapped in cosy tops when having a fag outside we watch the skies for swallows at sunset. They will soon depart on their journey north to the European summer and we will know that it is officially winter.

We have no choice; we'll simply have to ride out the cold here in our little house, keeping ourselves and the pets as snug as possible.


More than a year ago we planted a gift cycad in the garden, under the jacaranda. Months after planting it, it had not grown a single millimetre. The poor thing just stood there, quietly shivering. Every day its leaves looked more and more haggard.

Then with the sudden change in weather the plant came back to life and grew six healthy new leaves in a matter of a week.

I think it's impressive what you can accomplish after having had a season to sort your stuff out and to properly contemplate things. A season of hidden inner growth.

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