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Sunday, April 14, 2013

the family stubblefield

To say that work was utter hell these two weeks would be an understatement reaching biblical proportions. The following picture is worth a thousand words, perfectly describing my daily occupation.

My father used the term sampoekena to describe a person thusly employed. When he was young, he told me, those were the donkey-cart men who travelled through their neighbourhood in the dead of the night, silently cleaning the day’s human waste from white enamel toilet buckets.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the intricacies of current office politics. Instead I’ll bore you with a silly little activity that I use to debrief my overworked mind when I finally get to go home at night, usually after more than thirteen endless hours at work. It stops me from contemplating how little control I exert over my own life at the moment.


A while ago I created a couple in the game – Jake Stubblefield and Candi Havens. I assigned them compatible traits and settled the two lovers in a modest house in the town of Twinbrook.

Jake took a job as a teacher at the local school and for Candi I chose the medical profession. Even though they didn't marry they conceived a boy that I named Samuel.

Candi progressed wonderfully in her job and became a neurosurgeon; Jake also ran up the career ladder and became a school inspector just before he passed away of old age.

Just before he died Jake received an award for a long and happy life; a handy Sim robot joined the family. Named Monty he cleaned the house and watched Samuel when Candi was working.

Still, Candi was heartbroken. Seeing her asleep alone in the empty bed every night made me sad.

So, when Sims die I'm depressed and it is very hard to continue with the digital lives of those left behind. Thankfully, unlike life it’s a cinch to let virtual people relive their lives at the touch of a button.

I settled Jake and Candi in a different house in the same town. I got them married at a private ceremony. Shortly after she bore a son named Daniel. When he became a teenager, Candi gave Jake another son named Jack.

For Candi I chose the cooking profession in which she immediately attained impressive promotions. Jake joined a career in the military and soon reached top level as an astronaut. He only works on Mondays and makes more than §2,000 a pop.

On top of that I sent him on a very lucrative relic-finding mission in France and he returned with a profit of §5,000.

The second family makes more money and I am able to upgrade their house constantly. I can give them so much contentment in their virtual lives.

Jake teaches infant Jack how to talk.

Candi takes a luxurious bubble bath. (The game automatically blocks out the rude bits)

Daniel diligently does his homework after school.


Would that real life have undo, restart, quit buttons.

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