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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

quelle journée de merde

Yes, today was an extra bad day.

Still, instead of letting it get to me I've decided to write a post. Essentially still whining, I know, but slightly more pleasurable than keeping it all to myself.


The One phones me at exactly five o'clock every day to check how much damage I’d taken for the day. This afternoon I was unable to take his call because I was in Wendy’s office at the time. I spent more time than usual in there today, to say the least. 

She was particularly aggressive and exacting all day. After an especially violent session in her office she was short of breath and I managed to slip away to lick my wounds. I'm doing the bloody best I can.

I phoned The One back and he managed to sooth me right down.


Seriously, that place is going to kill me if I don't watch out, so I've taken a new mantra.

My work is not my life.

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