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Friday, May 24, 2013

work. workwork. workworkwork.

In my mind the recent past is a Gaussian blur of working at work and bringing home more work and then working some more. At home.

I managed to miss Mother's Day and a couple of important payments that way.

Unexpectedly I also had to learn InDesign in a Flash. My employers ordered the digital version of a very impressive product catalogue a while ago from Head Office in America. It duly arrived, all professionally designed in ID by someone with vast amounts of knowledge in the software. Unlike oneself.

This burden now rests on my droopy shoulders: adapt the content to reflect local services and products. The exercise is becoming a hell of orange and green with the fifth and sixth round of changes lying in wait for me tomorrow.


Sleep has not been a particularly prevalent activity in my life recently and I've taken to having a restorative nap on my desk at work in the morning before anyone else arrives.

I have no trouble dozing off; I simply imagine my bearded love next to me in the snuggly bed.

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