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Sunday, June 09, 2013

better but still no good

I literally work my fingers to shreds at my bloody job - see my poor chipped and stained nails.

My rank tootsies in the background also haven't had a decent pedicure in two years.

It was my weekend off at work which means just about as much as dog poop. I worked from 8:00 until 13:00 yesterday. Still, in the afternoon I had lots of time to chisel my chapped, yellowing toenails back into shape.

I had to hold my breath each time I reached down, partly because of the cheesy odour but mostly because of the alarming way my belly squashes my heart and lungs when I bend over.

Better, no?

The me-time felt so good that I allowed myself a mini manicure too. Then I trimmed my beard as best I could; at least I got rid of most of the overgrowth.

I showered after that and finally got to spend time with my loved ones.


The alarm was set for 10:00 this morning and diligently sounded reveille at that time. I killed the digital demon, got up and sleepily had a fag before throwing in the towel and tumbling back into the cosy bed. Last thing I did before dozing off again was to set the alarm for 11:00.

There was a reason that I just had to get up. The earlier I started, the earlier I could finish the four jobs I dragged home yesterday.

After that I'd get to spend more time with the ones I love.

Ironically, on Monday Wendy accused me of doing private jobs at work. Man, has that woman got it foof first. I'm doing her goddamned work  in my private time.

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