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Sunday, June 02, 2013


This morning I slept until 10:30 with my love and a scattering of snuggly pets, bathed in the glorious autumn sun. Winter has not fully arrived here yet but I hear it is coming soon.

Most of the garden's energy is petering out into status: winter. The dry, colourless lawns won't need mowing for a while. Even so, we discovered three healthy, plump pumpkins on the vine that we planted just over a year ago. We took no care of the entire veggie garden and expected nothing from it. At the end of the season, still we are rewarded by the pumpkin vine that soldiered on through the neglect as well as a wayward tomato plant in a flower bed that faithfully produced a handful of tomatoes.

After the obligatory trip to the shops this morning I watered the corner by the cycad which is still pretty green.

The dogs lazed in the warm sun and a balmy wind blew outside as The One hung out the washing on the portable washing dryer on the lawn; the dear man has taken over that chore from me. We are not using the washing line at the other side of the house because sadly, the building work next door is far from over.

For two weeks last month the site was quiet and no-one as much as touched a brick. Then, when the two workers returned last week they frustratingly demolished part of the walls they'd already built, only to rebuild them some days later.

The dust is unbearable and we're all still in shock at the lack of privacy, preferring to keep ourselves safely locked up inside. This morning I kindly gave the cats a handful of dried home-grown catnip. They viciously attacked my hand before sneaking off, each with a mouthful of the good stuff to roll in. Poor dears haven't been outside in a long time.

It feels as if we're contestants in Big Brother - watched from every angle all of the time.

Nice chatting again. I have a pot of soup on the stove to go and attend to. I had some work to do over the weekend but thankfully I left it at work when leaving yesterday. I'll jump off that bridge tomorrow.

Avoir un bon!

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