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Friday, June 14, 2013

you must nevah

On forced leave today, work still haunted me constantly. I'd been there until after 19:00 last night to try and organise every bloody thing so they'd cope without me. Tired bones or no, I even dragged the very last bit of work home. I overslept this morning and only sent the file and instructions off around 11:00 am.

Two phone calls, three WhatsApps and four e-mails during the remainder of the day reminded me that I am the thinly spread layer of glue that keeps that hell from imploding.

As before, a great and hearty thank you to all unreasonable, demanding, pushy clients who land me in the head mistress' office daily. I will not fail to remind you of your actions next time you need my help for something urgent.

The One knew how work upset me even though I was supposed to relax. He pampered me all day and took me along on some of his daily errands. He is very, very sweet but the man drives like a 90 year old. It was funny to get all dressed up for groceries. Anna devoured the last pair of our foamy flip-flops one night this week when we were watching 28 Days Later .

Anyway, it's after five now so I guess it is officially weekend and I can rejoice in the fact that:

My Work Is Not My Life,

which is the opposite of the way I felt all day: you must nevah take leave.

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