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Sunday, July 21, 2013

sunshine | newspaper | cats | garden

Of late, on the Seventh Day there is one thing on my mind. Gardening. It is a pity that I have so many other things to think about.


For instance, Anna requested that I post an updated photo of her. She was two years old yesterday.

Good girl.

Fooling around with the camera, I also managed to snap this stunning photo of Alfred and Geoffrey snuggling with each other in the dirty washing.

I hope the random appearance of such an important symbol in my life signifies a change in our fortunes.


I was up at 6:00am this morning out of bad habit but I went back to bed soon after. Then I was up again just before ten and wanted to make coffee to get the day started. When I found that there was no milk, however, I dejectedly returned to bed and slept next to The One who was serenely snoring until 12:30 when the dogs became restless.

Anna's pyjamas make her sleep like a civilised person these days but she still becomes more than a handful after a good night's rest.


We had black coffee for breakfast and raced off to the shops for milk and sundries as soon as the caffeine started kicking in. When we got home The One cleaned up the three day old kitchen while I collected a week's worth of dog excreta from the lawn. Works better if I do it weekly instead of monthly.

Then we read the newspaper from beginning to end, basking our bones in the yellow sun. We'd been too late to get a Rapport but the Sunday Times we got instead was a pleasant change. The cats joined us outside but all three declined having their photographs taken. I got this shot moment before Lizz tore the camera from my hands when I kept snapping.

Later, however, I took an embarrassing undercover pic of her libertine highness at a royal catnip orgy with her sisters. 


Anyway, even though I worked yesterday and my weekend only consisted of today I had a snatch of spare time late this afternoon and I was finally able to tend the badly neglected veg garden.

I know what you're thinking, but this is in fact the "after" photo. Good to have started, though. Won't be winter forever.

Anna fended off the Sunday afternoon blues and made us smile with her energetic antics.


To end off the eventful day I chased up a couple of pork chops that were lazing about in the fridge. We had them for dinner, cooked in cider with wild rice, baby spuds and frozen diced veg.

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