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Sunday, August 18, 2013

spring clean

Having properly posted more than three weeks ago, I struggle to find the words to begin this post with. A picture being worth a thousand words, though,  I am sure you will have puzzled together that I have been keeping out of trouble by gardening from my last wordless post.

Keeping out of trouble at home, that is.


The wall next door finally reached the desired height. Some details still make me nervous, though. They left an opening for a window in the new garage which opens into our car port, for one. Also, there was no roof installed. Instead, the old carport was simply hauled up onto the wall and placed so that about one third of a car's bonnet would fit under it.



Alex was in the country two weeks ago to help with his mother's move. We saw him briefly when he took us out for for dinner. He'd brought us gifts - we both got beautiful snuggly handmade Lapland slippers. There was also a 2TB external hard drive filled to bursting with the most incredible things - documentaries, magazines, audiobooks, films, etc. This is one of the reasons I haven't posted for so long...when last did you watch Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines?

The drive also contained a sleek new 64-bit operating system which I couldn't wait to install. In the process, however, I managed to delete all of my documents - more than 250GB worth of irreplaceable data. Backups, like insurance, is for pessimists and I would have lost everything were it not for an awesome little free program called Recuva. It took a day and a half to get the 130,000+ files recovered but in the end I only lost four insignificant documents.


Last Sunday The One did the washing while I pottered about in the garden. He never checks pockets before he washes the clothes and he washed three memory sticks and a modem which were in a jacket. Thankfully when they'd dried in the sun they were all still functional.

All clean now

Sunday morning planting out Clivias and sowing Alyssum

Rockery with Yucca

Cherry tomatoes under construction

Basil germinating

During the Week The One added five neat rows of beans to the revamped veg garden and we also plan to plant spinach and peppers in a small leftover bed. I've never had much success with carrots and onions; pumpkins and peas take more space than our small veg garden can offer - besides, you can always buy those.


Winter this year proved to be an anticlimax - no snow. The jasmine in the driveway started flowering profusely a week ago and we can pick the sweet blooms daily to fill the entire house with the mesmerising fragrance of imminent spring.

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