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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

braai with us

National Braai Day was celebrated in South Africa today. Officially it's called Heritage Day, but we all know what it's really known as.

At exactly 1:13pm the formalities began when The One donned a black Bokomo cap and became Master Fire Starter. At the same time I put on my red Budweiser cap and instantly became Master Braaier.

Short-sighted supermarkets may run short of fresh meat at such times, I imagine, and we had our Rottie guard our stash every second. Just in case some zombies showed up, you understand.

I am thankful that we can buy decent quality meat at the local OK Grocer and at much reduced prices.

Anna gracefully showed her appreciation because we included her in the festivities by depositing a memorial of religious proportions on the lawn. Its sheer size is a stern reminder that dog dump is not to be cleaned up until it reaches proper maturity. That will be some time during the weekend. 

I'm afraid we are all out of the dogs' usual pellets. The last week of the month is always somewhat tight in this household and we got them a cheaper alternative. Always makes them poop more, both in volume and frequency.


After lunch I strolled around the garden with my husband.

Admit it. Given that the following snaps were shot with our ancient digital camera, you also just have to think about the beauty I'd be able to capture if I had a proper toadsticker such as this one.







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