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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today was overcast and chilly, same as yesterday. We never even saw the sun. On my way to work yesterday morning I was almost blown over by the cold wind. It does make for a pleasant change because all of last week, temperatures soared close to summertime highs. 

A perfect day to spend in the garden without the scorching sun beating down on me. We only got up past 12 noon but I still managed to fulfil my duties and I tended the veggie garden and weeded all the flower beds. Well, most.

It was a great pleasure to spot a handful of flowers where I sowed a packet of seed that we bought at the local supermarket. It was called Winter Dwarf Mix and it was way back in July. Guess I got the planting time wrong but the plants look healthy and more intricate flowers appear daily.

The Delicious Monster produced a brand new leaf overnight. It's still squishy like seaweed.

I overdid it a little while digging around and weeding and I had to have a seat to make the world stop wobbling. After a while I felt better and finished my work. The place looks a treat.

To end a day of joyous gardening, I watered everywhere. Serenely walking about with the hose, I heard the little girl next door ask from behind the wall, "Are you using a hose or are you peeing?"

Yesterday when playing outdoors, she'd thrown a mini lime-coloured frisbee into our yard. I have a feeling that  she may never see that frisbee again.


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