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Saturday, October 12, 2013

upgrade, no?

This ridiculous photo shows the old on top of the phabulous new.

We upgraded our mobile contract today. The One got a black Sony Xperia Z Ultra and I got a white one. Real size queens! We're still getting used to the enormity of the new devices and all the features Android brings as opposed to BlackBerry's conservative OS.

For instance, check out this awesome panorama sweep photo I snapped this afternoon, the first one taken with my phablet.


You'll notice that our jacaranda triplets were uprooted by a freak storm on Thursday. When I got home after 19:00 we hacked off the sibling that hung over the wall onto the neighbour's washing line. I almost died from pure exhaustion. Trees are deceptively heavy.

Too busy playing with our new phones today we'll have to hack off the other two siblings tomorrow.

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