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Sunday, November 03, 2013

13 things

Dear reader, yet again I apologise for my recent absence.

Work, as always, is the greatest reason for this discourteous behaviour. At the moment that place is in what we employees sardonically name "silly season".

Yesterday was the first Saturday I've had off in months.

They still came looking for me, though. I know I'm going to be in deep trouble tomorrow but I just ignored their messages yesterday. I just really needed some time for myself. 

On top of that I brought urgent work home which I planned to finish today. That's turned out to be really funny because this morning I spontaneously decided moi was not spending another molecule of my own time on that thankless job.

I worked in the garden instead and then I wanted to chat to you fine people. To discuss here, I chose 13 random events that have come and gone in the weeks since my last post.

[1 - had fun]

Last Sunday was nice and chilly with the occasional drizzle. Staying inside and keeping cosy, we had fun with our new phones and discovered some of their amazing capabilities. 

As you'll see from the photo we've never had phones with front cameras before.

It's extremely fortunate that we got them upgrades when we did because Lizz peed on my old phone on Monday and rendered it useless.

[2 - squashed a vampire gnat]

Late one night last week I was still at work. An extremely irritating little gnat kept bothering me. I finally managed to smash the bugger and he fell on my desk in a daze. I calmly took my pen and rolled him out like cookie dough. 

I guess I hope that's my blood.

[3 - made a flower]

The amaryllis blossomed last weekend and we were thankful that the gorgeous flowers had escaped the severe hailstorm the previous weekend. 

Last year's hail ripped through the fragile blooms like meteors.

[4 - weeded the garden]

It took me most of Sunday morning but I weeded the entire veg garden and found that we could boast six viable tomato plants.

The beans had become sublimely ripe too and I discovered four healthy heads of random lettuce. Amazingly I also found a spinach plant from last year's seed. It had some good looking leaves.

Now, let no one say that weeding your garden is not a rewarding exercise.

[5 - visited a grave]

Here I pulled out all the weeds and cleaned up. Even now it still feels so unreal. 

[6 - stared at a tree]

The felled jacaranda concerns me greatly but I have no idea what to do with it next. We cut down as many of the branches as we can reach but the remainder is still unsightly and immovable.

If we could get the car on that side of the house, I swear I'd drag the stump upright with rope and a Nissan. Probably just as well the fences are in the way because thinking about it, that really sounds like one of those Youtube videos where the tree ends up spectacularly smashing the car.

Until we figure it out the tree will just have to continue looking like a sinking ship.

If you know someone with a helicopter and some sturdy steel cables, please get in contact with me.

[7 - looked through a kaleidoscope]

I know it's not the old-fashioned kind, but The One discovered that our phones have a function that makes it look as if you're looking through one.

Makes me feel like a kid.

[8 - walked in the garden]

Last night as the sun started sinking we had a leisurely stroll through the garden and found bunches of these wonderful purple flowers that had also dodged the hail.

[9 - did the driveway]

Around 10:00am on Tuesday morning The One sent me a very surprising photo. The darling had not gone back to bed after I left for work around 6:20am. Instead he proceeded to weed the entire driveway. He even got rid of the thorny bushes outside the gate.

Today I proudly did my part in the ongoing Driveway Beautification Project: I planted some tiny red lilies in the narrow bed that runs along the length of the panhandle driveway. We found heaps of them growing on the lawn where there'd once been a flower bed. 

The earth was still soft from the recent rain and it was easy to dig out and transplant the minute bulbs.

[10 - started learning french]

This will sound like a broken record... however, The One found a very spiffy smartphone app for teaching yourself French. He learns and then he teaches me.

Parlez-vous Français?

Je suis désolé mais je ne parle pas Français - comment bien parlez-vous l'anglais?

[11 - got shocked]

Late-ish last night we felt like watching a scary movie. We found a short film Dirk sent us - "Aftermath".

All I am able to divulge is that very few people will be able to watch the entire film. I had my eyes turned away most of the time but what I could see out of the corners still revolted me.

No standard thriller, it graphically displays the worst kind of human depravity.

Good film, though.

[12 - played with a dog]

Anna seems to have access to a source of infinite energy. You'll calm that baby down for twenty minutes if you put in twenty minutes of vigorous frisbee-catching.


Then it will run rife again.

[13 - had a cat fixed]

Without a doubt, the greatest event in the recent past is that Lizz has finally been FIXED.

My dear mother sponsored the entire operation out of her meagre earnings. She even organised for the cat to be collected at our door on Wednesday and then delivered her sterile highness personally the next afternoon, despite the appearance of a traditional Highveld thunderstorm.

Incredibly, Lizz's constant caterwauling is gone and she seems more relaxed. She's also eating like a demon and from time to time she purrs when someone strokes her - something she's never done before.

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